Saturday, 22 July 2017

Baba Yetu and the US Navy

Brigham Young University still are my favourite version of the Lord's Prayer in Swahili (see here), but this one is sung by the US Navy.

There is a speed and a swing about it. But the BEST, the very best bit is the voice over at 2.00 minutes - US Navy propaganda in the midst of the Prayer Our Saviour gave us!!!

I'm not against it at all - I just find it funny. But the chap speaking has such a deep voice!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Young Catholic Adult Weekend @ Douai Abbey 20th -22nd Oct 2017

Are you 18-40, do you want to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith, learn its devotions and meet like minded people? Young Catholic Adults are organizing a weekend at Douai Abbey in Berkshire) with Lawrence Lew O.P., and Canon Poucin ICKSP. You’ll be able to hear catechetical talks, learn how to sing Gregorian Chant, say the Rosary, socialize and have fun. Book soon as places are limited! All Masses are in the Old Rite (Roman and Dominican Rite)

For more details goto:- Prices start from £18.50.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Feast of Sardines

I shall be spending this evening in various supermarkets looking for the most sumptuous sardines that I can find. For as you will undoubtedly know, tomorrow is Sardine Day.

This is not because tomorrow is the feast day of the Holy prophets Joel and Esdras. Though I am sure that Joel’s vision of the End Day would have included the most wonderfully succulent sardines imaginable. Nor because it is that St Turian, a man of humility and simplicity, would have enjoyed an occasional sardine of his feast day.

No, tomorrow is the Feast of the Sardines, or Fête des Sardines, in the Vendée region of France. You can see a history of the Wars of the Vendée here, it really is worth a read. The Vendée was totally destroyed by the Revolution and persecuted ever since.

So do you think that the good people of the Vendée want to celebrate July 14th? Bastille day? No they do not.

So instead they celebrate the humble sardine (for no reason that I have been able to find). They eat them on the thirteenth, and they feast, and drink, and drink. And on the next morning (the fourteenth) they are so hung over that they do not bother getting out of bed!!!

So for them, the celebration is not the slaughter, rape and pillage of their beloved country, it is the day before – a humble sardine.

A Lady of the Vendee on the eve of the Feast:
"I'm off for a quick sherry!"

Bon Fête!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Thank you Pope Benedict

On this the tenth anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, I would like to thank Pope Benedict for this motu proprio.

It has been a leaven in the life of the Church, and in the lives of countless people and priests.

May this form of Holy Mass flourish and spread throughout the world.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Queen or Empress - you chose

From a letter of Franz Rosenzweig to his Mother

“…I told Badt about an incident that was witnessed, I believe, by Moltke1 in the fifties in London. Empress Eugénie was paying a visit to Queen Victoria. A theatrical performance was being given in their honour; they entered the King’s box, approached the railing, thanked the audience, and sat down – Victoria without looking round, Eugénie after she had made sure by a glance that there was a chair. Eugenie was probably more of a person than the tedious Queen, but only Victoria was the descendant of kings.”

Not sure of the moral worth of this story, but how sure is your seat??!


1 Count Helmuth von Maltke (1800-1891), chief of the Prussian General Staff

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Music of Civilisation

On the Pilgrimage the wonderful Max (when we had finished singing Mfumue) started singing the Our Father in Swahili... as you do.

This is the same Max who preferred to learn the Dies Irae in Latin and the Russian National Anthem (in Russky) instead of studying for his A-Level, so this should not be a surprise.

However, to me, it was the theme tune of a computer game called 'Civilisation'. It was around when I was an Undergraduate (fondly called 'Civ'), and eventually I got a copy and this was the theme tune.

Now Max is seldom wrong (not that he admits anyway) so I looked it up, and it is the Our Father in Swahili, composed by Christopher Tin for the computer game. Wiki here.

The version here is by Brigham Young University choir. Latter day Saints (Mormons to me and you). The site for their uni is pretty damned impressive. I wish we could get Catholics with such fervour. This is my favourite version to date (I have listened to far too many).

And it is bound to be sung on the Chartres Pilgrimage next year, so come along and hear a bunch of scouts and a demented chaplain abroad singing it!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Non soli scouti, sed sacerdotes

Priest with Biretta at rakish angle. 
OK, Mr Squires my Latin teacher would be squirming as we speak. But, I care not!

Priests and brothers of the friars
Behold, Anglophone priests on the Chartres Pilgrimage...

An Australian, a Benedictine and a Norbertine walk into a bar...

...only to find the Norbertine had already been there, so there were no crisps left!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

So long ago ...

It seems an age that I was on the Chartres Pilgrimage.

Since then I've been giving a paper on Gender theory in the South of France (yes it was a real conference!) and am now back with work on the thesis and getting to grips with the idea of Our Lady Saint Mary Glastonbury.

But I found a picture on my phone of a member of the Institute of Christ the King (they wear blue pompoms).

He was such a nice chap.So I took a picture of him. He seemed worried at the prospect of appearing on a blog by a chaplain abroad - So I will not use his name, and no one will ever know its him!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Off to Glastonbury

My Bishop appointed me as Parish Priest of Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury, and of St Michael Shepton Mallet, when I saw him last week.

We priests always look to the dedications of parishes to see who we've got to work with - rather I suspect in the same way that parishioners trawl the internet to find out about their new Parish Priest!

So I am delighted to have the Archangel Michael, the one who we pray will thrust down Satan and his wicked spirits to Hell. The Devil is prowling around, and who better to have on your side than a time-served Devil-fighter.

And Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury! Our Diocesan shrine (of which I will become the Rector), which is the oldest (I think) to Our Lady in England, possibly further afield, is a place of pilgrimage for generations.

So I am more than lucky with the two patrons of my new parishes.

I will pray for my new parishioners as I prepare to take over the parishes in mid September.

If you are one of them... then pray for me!

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